Ever been driving along at your own rate of speed and see a police officer then slam on your brakes?

It’s an automatic reaction even if we aren’t going over the speed limit.  I imagine police officers sitting in their cars just laughing as people panic when they see them parked in that “can’t go through this path” slot in the interstate median.

We push our luck lots of time hurrying up just a few miles over the “suggested” speed limit and before we know it we are 10 or more over and there’s the cops!  YIKES!  Sometimes I even feel like I’m in a movie as I look around in paranoia as every underpass approaches.  Where are they now?

We try to outsmart them.  I bet they will be hiding in this pass-through up here between the two hills.  I bet one’s in the air with a speed gun radioing down to the one on the ground hidden in the trees covered with branches camouflaging themselves until they can appear out of nowhere with a “gothcha ticket”.

When we get caught we have all kinds of excuses.  “I thought it was a 70 mph zone”.   “I was just singing to my radio and got carried away.”  “These trees are gorgeous this time of year and I was just enjoying the beauty.”

Sometimes we get by with a warning.  Sometimes we avoid the punishment of getting stopped all together and sometimes we have to pay the price of a hefty ticket.

Isn’t it awesome that God sees all we do and He’s not just sitting there waiting to punish us.  He already paid the price of us getting caught.

Our nature is to sneak around and break His rules and stay on the lookout to make sure no one’s watching.  We hide behind perfectly groomed yards and houses, church pews and Bible studies.  Social media can make our lives seem like the perfect dream.  But God sees all.  And  I’m sure He is disappointed in us in some form or fashion every single day.  But the good thing is that no matter how He deals with our sin, He is doing it because He loves us.

We don’t need to make excuses.  We just need to say “I’m sorry” and start working towards moving through life better with Him as our driver .

Whatever you’re doing today that you think God doesn’t know, I’m here to pop your ego.  He knows.  He knows everything.  But the good news is He loves us anyway and He is here to help us come out of our dark hidden places, take off the mask we are hiding behind and lead us into a beautiful journey with Him.

Are you ready for this wild ride?   Speed-free zone.  Just hold on and watch what He can do!