Did you know flamingos are born with gray feathers but turn pink because they eat a lot of shrimp and other food that contains alpha and beta carotenoid pigments?  These pigments cause the color of the flamingos’ feathers to change to pink.

I guess it is true what they say:  we are what we eat.

Or what we put into our body.

If we hang out with people who are negative, eventually we tend to take on their pigment and we become negative as well.  If we keep company with people who are disrespectful, their pigment can rub off on us and we can become disrespectful also.

But the exact opposite is true as well.  If we surround ourselves with positive people, we tend to take on the positive pigment in our lives.  If we hang out with giving people, our pigment can be one of generosity.

Therefore, it only makes sense that if we continue to follow Jesus, read the Bible daily, worship regularly and try to live a life emulating Him, we will take on His pigment and show our true colors by acting out the love of Christ.

It’s a fascinating fact.  But I think I will just stick to pouring Christ into my life as much as possible and stay away from shrimp.  I certainly don’t want pink hair.  🙂