So many times we as individuals find it so much easier to complain about something than to take it upon ourselves to try and remedy the situation.  It’s easier to blame someone than to talk to someone with a suggested solution or start implementing a solution ourself.

But as I listen to some of the songs on the radio they all seem to point back to ME stepping up and doing something.  I start getting excited that maybe I can change my little world – or even my big world!

Point of Grace has a song titled “You Be the One”.  The lyrics are about us standing up to help someone who is suffering when they come to talk to us with a problem; about us standing up and showing kindness to someone by showing the love of Christ and sitting with them and crying and listening.  They came to us for a reason. God chose us to listen for a reason.  We have to BE THE ONE to stand up tall and reach out to them with the arms of Jesus.

Matthew West has a popular song right now titled “Do Something”.  In this song, he talks about realizing how bad certain things are in the world and how we get mad at God and look up to heaven and cry out to God asking Him why He doesn’t do something.  The response in the song is:  “I did.  I created you.”

WHEW!!  I know there are times I scream out to God to do something and I feel that He says I need to BE THE ONE to step up and be the hands and feet of Jesus.  He is a miracle worker and can do anything He pleases, but He created us to be His hands and feet and to do the work on earth that He has planned for us to do.

We’ve got to get out of our recliners and stand on our feet and use our hands and DO SOMETHING.  The song says “I don’t want a flame.  I want a fire. I wanna be the one who stands up and says ‘I’m gonna do something'”.   Another great line in the song says, “We’re never gonna change the world by standing still.”

So friends, stop standing still.   YOU BE THE ONE.  YOU DO SOMETHING.  I get excited just thinking about all the things that we can do.  There are so many charities that need help.  There are so many organizations that solicit volunteers locally.  There are so many opportunities right in our own churches, workplaces and communities .

Let’s not sit around waiting, wondering, watching……….let’s be the hands and feet of kindness.  Ask God to put someone in your path that you can make a difference to; someone that you can DO SOMETHING for.  Someone who realizes YOU ARE THE ONE sent to them for a reason.

Ask God to show you an organization or a cause that will not only help someone else but that will make a difference in your own life.  What gets you excited and makes you smile?  Children?  The elderly?  Maybe you can volunteer at a school or a nursing home.

What makes your heart pump faster when you think about being able to help someone?  What is a cause close to your heart?  Maybe you had someone close to you suffer from cancer.  What can you do to help those currently suffering from cancer?  Maybe you lost a child?  What can you do to help others suffering from the same loss?

I promise you that if you ask God to put someone in your path, or show you a cause dear to your heart that you can help with, He will send someone to you and make the cause you can help with crystal clear to you.  Don’t be afraid.  Stand up……….BE THE ONE …….DO SOMETHING. Emoji