We have snow here in Southeast Indiana and I think it is beautiful!  Now before you start grumbling, hear me out.  It’s less than 2 inches.  The road aren’t slick but the landscape is just gorgeous.  Yes, I know it’s March and the Easter lilies were already blooming but we can’t change it, so we might as well embrace it.

Now for those of you on the eastern side of the country with 12-18 inches of snow, I’m not sure that philosophy could be sold!  We definitely are praying for everyone to get some spring weather soon.

But as my husband and I were coming out of the store last night and big snowflakes were falling hard, I stopped and turned my face to the sky and opened my mouth to let the cold, damp snowflakes fall on my tongue.  It made me smile and reminded me of being a kid again.

Then I heard this sweet little voice say, “what are you doin’ that for?”

I turned around and there was a dark-haired, dimpled-cheek, sweet little girl with her window rolled down and her hand sticking out watching the snowflakes fall on her jacket sleeve.  I said, “I’m just tasting the snow.”  She responded with a matter-of-fact, “OK.”

I admit I was a little embarrassed because I didn’t know anyone was watching me but Roger and he’s used to my quirky ways! haha.  But as I got in the car and turned back to get another look at the cute little girl, I saw her with her head stuck all the way out the window, face to the sky, mouth wide opened, tasting the snowflakes on her tongue.

Morale of the story:  you never know who is watching you and who might mimic your behavior.  Just like the song reminding us Santa is watching and may not come if we’re not good, we better watch out …it could be embarrassing to see a little kid mirror our behavior.  Or it could be rewarding that we just helped a child experience a little taste of fun!

I hope your day is beautiful whether it’s spent in the cold, snow, rain or sun!