Chinese jump rope without messing up.  Show-off!
Dribbling basketball around your body and between your legs.  Show-off!
Having a solo in the elementary school concert.  Show-off!

Man, when we were younger, I sure remember using that word a lot.  Show-off.  Looking back, we probably used the word when we were jealous of someone having or doing something we didn’t have or could not do. It was a mean-spirited word back then.

The word has evolved over the years in my vocabulary to now be more of a playful jab of compliment for the very same things I used to use it for in a negative way.  Now I say “show-off” to the concert pianist or the Olympic downhill skier who makes every move look effortless.  A joking backhanded compliment:  “show-off” with a smile.

I laugh as I think about how many times I see God work in my life in the smallest of ways; times He answers my prayers and I feel amazed at the silliness of even asking.  “Lord, can you give me a spot under the awning in this rain?”  “Lord, can you please help me find the perfect gift quickly for this birthday party?”  “Lord, can you help me find my lost keys?”

And lo and behold, there’s an open parking spot by the door under the awning.  And there is that exact right picture frame for the birthday gift and well, lookie there…it’s my keys behind the washer.

Yep, He’s a show-off.  He does the impossible.  He makes a way.  And He keeps doing it over and over again.  And I’m glad.  I want God to show off all He wants.  I want Him to show His hand to this crazy world.  I want Him to show up and show off so that people have no other answer but to say “that was a miracle” or “there is a God”.

Yep, He’s a show-off and I love it!!   Yep, He’s a show-off and I know Him personally.  Yep, He’s a show-off and He can do it over and over again until the end of time.  And I will just smile and say under my breath, “there He goes again”.