My great nephew is almost 2 years old.  If you ask him if he wants to do something and he is in a “toddler mood”, he shakes his head no.  I will ask him if he will do it and he points to me and in his own jibberish language he says “you do it.”

Unfortunately, I find this attitude in the world today.  People don’t think it’s their  “job” or their “responsibility” to do certain things so they get on a high horse and in so many unspoken words they say, ” you do it”.

I was out and about the other day and noticed a lot of this attitude around:

*people leaving shopping carts sit randomly in the parking lot instead of taking them to the cart corral;
*people deciding they didn’t want something they had picked up so just placed it anywhere instead of taking it to the proper shelf;
*customers being rude to their waitresses;
*customers being rude to sales clerks because they wanted more discount or return than they were entitled to;
*people making a mess at tables in restaurants and just leaving it for someone else to worry about;

BUT THEN….I also witnessed:

*The manager,  in her dress clothes and ear piece, gathering carts to make sure customers had them readily available as they walked in the store;
*The manager at the restaurant cleaning off tables because the staff was working hard to keep up with demands;
*Staff working tirelessly to empty sloppy dressing rooms left that way by others in order for new customers to have a clean dressing room.

Sometimes we think it’s somebody else’s job to do things that we could do ourselves.  And yes, a lot of times IT IS someone else’s job but would it hurt us to pick up after ourselves and put in a little extra to help someone out?

We’re coming upon Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Have a good attitude of doing for others.  Let’s start with going the extra mile for what we think isn’t really our job.  Instead of having the attitude “someone else will do it”, let’s have an attitude of “I’ll help someone else do it”.

Put the cart in the corral.
Put the shirt back on the shelf where you found it.
Hang the unwanted clothes from the dressing room on the garment rack as you leave the area.
Pick up the stray napkin on the floor at the restaurant.
Hold the door for someone.
Give the checkout clerk a smile and ask about her instead of seeing how she can serve YOU.

Today, think about little Karter pointing at me and saying “no, you do it” and then set your mind as a servant and look around for how you can make a small difference to help out.  Go on.  You do it!  I will, too.

Galatians 6:9 – Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.