Last night we had an event at High Point Orchard for the women of our church.  Cyndi Spivey Christian fashion blogger for her site, “Grace & Beauty”, was our guest speaker.  We had so much fun with tasty dinner and dessert and hearing about fashion and beauty from the inside out.

Cyndi also talked about how one can look younger by doing some simple things with hair, nail and lip color and simple fashion accessories.  We were all intrigued with her fashion tips, her beauty and her style.  We smiled and laughed and took it all in.

Then we cried a little.

She shared the story of her mother’s example of being a godly woman, mom, wife and Christian.  She shared the influence her mother had on her and her sister.  She shared the precious moment of her mother’s passing from this world into the heavens with Jesus.  She encouraged us to realize that beauty radiates from within when we have Christ in our hearts.

Yes, we all want to do things to keep us younger like eating healthy, exercise and skin care.  But we should also think about how to stay young at heart with that Christ-like excitement that children have when they get to spend the day with their grandparents or their best friend.  We get to spend all day everyday with Jesus and that should be so exciting that we radiate that excitement in our every day life.

The fact is that we are all growing older with the passing of each minute but the other fact is that we don’t have to look it and we don’t have to act it.  We can radiate with beauty and excitement from the heart when we have Jesus living in us and that’s the best way I know to stay young at heart!