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Relax and Enjoy a Cherry Coke

My last post in the RELAX series is about physical rest.  In today’s society of fast food, drive thru-pharmacies, 24-hour ATM machines, microwaves and social media, our mind and bodies are constantly on the go, leaving no time for rest.

People are plugged into their smart phones 24/7.  How many times have you seen people walk down the street texting on their phone and almost run you over?  My daughter told of a story where she saw a girl walk smack into a revolving door while texting and have to be taken by stretcher into the hospital she was visiting!!  I can just imagine, ER Doctor says “How did this happen?”  Sheepishly the patient says, “I just looked down at my phone for a second.  I didn’t realize the revolving door was so close!”
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RELAX……….God’s Got This

How do we RELAX and not worry?  This is a big one.  I am doing a Bible study right now titled “Overcoming Worry”.  There are so many things in this study that I have identified with.  But I also see that I have grown while not only doing this study but by reading Jesus Calling devotional every day and by staying more focused on God and prayer.
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