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Let Me Introduce You To My Friend

When I was little, I had an imaginary friend.  I talked to him constantly.  I had a place at the table for him.  He was with me when I played.  I told mom and dad about him and made sure I introduced everyone to my friend.  His name was Bobby.

Now, Bobby was a real person.  He was my real friend.  He was the son of my parents best friends and we hung out a lot together.  So he wasn’t really “imaginary”.  He just wasn’t physically with me all the time even though I pretended he was.  He did have a place at my little table with the full plate/fork/cup setting even though he wasn’t always “really” there to enjoy the pretend food.

It reminds me of my friend, Jesus.  He is with me all the time even though I can’t see Him.  He is real and I talk to Him constantly.  He is with me when I eat, when I walk, when I sit, when I  sleep and when I am awake.  I love spending time with Him and getting to know Him better.  I love introducing Him to people.  They can’t see Him but I want them to know He is there.  I want them to feel His love by my actions.

Bobby and I are all grown up now with families of our own and his name is now “Bob” (hahaha).   Our parents are still friends.  And even though Bobby and I don’t eat together or play together anymore, we both know the same friend, Jesus and for that I am very thankful.

Friends are important and I hope you know our friend, Jesus, too.  If not, I would be glad to introduce Him to you.  Enjoy your friends, today!  Maybe you can even take time right now to send them a note just to let them know you appreciate their friendship!

The Trip of a Lifetime

Going on a vacation is fun.  We start by choosing our destination and then deciding whether to fly or drive, take a bus or a train.  We choose our seat, buckle in and get set for the journey to our destination.  We are looking forward to our trip!

Just like life.  The Lord brings us into this world.  We get to choose our destination for eternity – heaven or hell.   Our life is really all about that journey.  Some days we go by plane, car, bus or train.  We put our lives in control of someone else besides us – the pilot, the bus driver, the train conductor.  Even if we are driving our own vehicle, we are only in control of what we do and not what other drivers may do.

In life we really are not in control either.  God is in control.  We make choices and get to experience the results whether good or bad.  We make decisions every day whether to choose God’s way or the world’s way.  The journey is bumpy.  We have good times, bad times, sad times and frustrating times.  But through it all God is in control – leading the way to a beautiful destination.  He wants us to enjoy the journey and has great things in store for us if we will follow Him.

I urge you to please choose heaven as your destiny.  I ask you to let God be your pilot, conductor or driver.  I beg you to seek Him on each decision every day so that you don’t get off course and end up at the wrong destination.  He is your guide.  He is your compass. He is your GPS.  Let Him lead.  Choose Him.  Buckle up. Seek His direction.  Be ready for a bumpy ride.  But know if you choose heaven as your destination, and seek God as your cruise director, it will all be worth it.  Eternity in heaven ………….it’s the greatest destination for the trip of a lifetime!

Goodbye Oscar the Grouch!

Wake up!!  It’s a new day.  We get another do-over.  We get to try to make this one of the best days of our lives!  Joy doesn’t come from our circumstances.  Joy comes from within – IN SPITE OF OUR CIRCUMSTANCES!  So let’s find our joy today!

Each day is a fresh start.  Let’s make today a GREAT day!  No negativity.  No grouchiness.  Just positive thoughts and kindness.

Right now do something physical to just feel energized…….stretch your arms above your head.  Take in a deep breath and let it out slowly. Roll your neck to the left, front, right and back, jog in place.  Now SMILE really big.  Go on……Smile!  Laugh even.

You ready?  Now look for someone to be kind to today.  Just one small gesture – open the door.  Wave. Smile. Say “Good Morning” with enthusiasm.  Ask someone how they are and then listen to their response.  Buy yourself some flowers.

It’s a new day.  You can make today better just by having a positive attitude.  Positive attitudes are contagious!   Ask God to help you make today one of your best days.  Experience that JOY that comes deep down within us just by knowing Jesus.  It’s a great feeling.  IT’S A GREAT DAY!

Now pass your day of NO NEGATIVITY along to the next person.  And I bet you enjoy your positive, encouraging day so much you will want to do it again tomorrow!

See you later Oscar the Grouch.  And see YOU TOMORROW Positive Pete!
(Disclaimer:  names are not associated with anyone I know! hahahha)

This video by Mandissa will help get you energized!

Less Comfort and More Kindness

This is Random Acts of Kindness week.  It is no coincidence that every year it corresponds with the week of Valentine’s Day – the day where more people show genuine love to others than any other day of the year.  It is so much fun to do kind things for others.  The giver gets as much in return as the receiver.  There are so many ideas of kind things to do for others on the and Pinterest websites.

I challenge you today to do something kind for someone every day this week.  It’s good to do something for someone close to you, but look outward and do something for someone you don’t know or you don’t see a lot.  Do it because you are paying forward and sharing some of the love that Christ shows to you every day.

Paul writes to the Corinthians in 2 Corinthians 8:7 – “But just as you excel in everything – in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in complete earnestness and in your love for us – see that you also excel in this grace of giving.”

Have fun with it.  Step out of your Comfort Box.  Giving always brings joy.  Give until your heart feels like it could burst with joy!!

I would love to hear any stories you have about your kindness acts this week or any acts of kindness that were done for you.  God is working in this world and it’s up to us to do our part!  You can email me at  I can’t wait to hear stories of how kindness acts are making a difference to the world!