If you or someone you know anywhere in the country is looking for a speaker for an event this Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter, I would love to be considered.  God has called me to try to make a difference to someone every day and one of the ways I believe He has called me to do that is through writing and speaking.

I have had the privilege to speak to women’s groups, civic organizations, Mom2Mom groups, cancer support groups, women’s leadership groups, etc. encouraging people to be all that they can be; encouraging them to find ways to make a difference to someone every day; and to find ways to create or revisit their goals or their bucket list and start chiseling away at making those dreams come true.

I would love for you to visit our website to see some of the treasure chest of topics.  I always love to write new content, too.  If you have questions, you can email me at DeannaDayYoung@outlook.com.  Have a super great weekend!